Trucking Roadside Assistance – When You Need It

Truck Assist has what you need with their trucking roadside assistance program if you need roadside assistance for your commercial fleet vehicle. Please keep reading to learn more about how they can help get your truck on the road again!

What is trucking roadside assistance?

If you’re driving a commercial vehicle, it’s essential to know what roadside assistance is and how it can help. To put it simply, trucking roadside assistance is an emergency road service for commercial vehicles. We’ve already established that your truck will eventually break down on the road—that’s why Truck Assist was created! With us, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on your way home or missing that big delivery deadline because of a breakdown. We’ll come to where you are when things go wrong and get you back on your way again. Whether that means fixing your problem in just 20 minutes or delivering your load at a new location because of an unexpected fix, we work hard every day to ensure our customers get their deliveries done when they need them most.
roadside assistance
Our goal at Truck Assist is to give you peace of mind to stay focused on moving forward. If something goes wrong with your vehicle while you’re in transit, we want to be there, so no one has to find out what happens when a fleet runs out of gas in rural Kentucky… with only two hours left to deliver 1,000 packages. The value behind knowing someone else has got your back? Priceless. That’s why we do what we do: if a call comes into any one of our 1,500+ service providers across North America, someone from Truck Assist will make sure those drivers keep going until they reach their destination safe and sound.

How do you get roadside assistance?

Ensuring you’re protected on every part of your journey can be confusing, but Truck Assist makes getting trucking roadside assistance easy. Whether you need help getting to where you’re going or tow services once you get there, our team of experienced drivers will make sure your fleet vehicle is back on track as quickly as possible.

Trucking may be one of the few industries that seem old-fashioned, but with technology like ours, it doesn’t have to be! With real-time tracking updates and live GPS monitoring, we ensure you always know what’s happening with your vehicle—and that any problems are taken care of immediately. Truck Assist knows how vital reliability is in commercial vehicles. That’s why we work hard to keep things running smoothly for everyone who drives with us.

Why do I need a truck to assist roadside assistance?

Breakdowns are never fun, but they can become dangerous quickly if you’re on a commercial vehicle on a busy highway. With Truck Assist’s 24/7 roadside assistance program, help is just a phone call away. If your truck breaks down along one of the highways or interstates, we cover, call us, and we’ll dispatch our professionals to assist you. We aim to have technicians to you within 30 minutes; if we can’t meet that goal, we’ll give you money off your next purchase at Truck Assist. We don’t cut corners when it comes to getting you back on track as soon as possible—and neither should your roadside assistance provider! In addition to simply being available around the clock, some other features set truck Assist apart from other program.

When you’re a business owner operating a fleet of trucks, all roads look different. A quick breakdown on a major artery could create huge financial problems for your business while adding stress to an already stressful situation. Having company drivers stranded out in unfamiliar locations or lousy weather situations puts everyone involved in danger while causing undue delays in service delivery times and costing needless hours of operation–not an ideal situation for any business trying to stay profitable! In addition, having equipment requiring expensive parts far from home adds expense to even simple repairs with no option for discounted pricing from local suppliers because only specialized regional shops will stock needed parts.
Trucking Roadside Assistance

What does it cover?

Trucking Roadside Assistance, available through Allstate’s commercial policies, assists commercial vehicle drivers in many different situations. Everyday roadside assistance coverage situations include flat tires, dead batteries, and disabled vehicles. Some roadside assistance policies also cover towing services. Here are some of these services in more detail: Flat Tires – If you have a flat tire while on your drive, Truck Assist can cover tire changes or repairs at home or roadside for up to $100 per change if it’s caused by a road hazard or up to $200 per repair if it’s not. Dead Batteries – Dead batteries happen to all of us sometimes. But when you’re driving 60 tons down a highway with no way to call for help without power? That’s scary.

Truck Assist will provide jump-start service up to four times per year, with each session limited to three attempts at the jumping start (but if that doesn’t work out, they’ll come to pull you over). Disabled Vehicles – When your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck along an unfamiliar stretch of road, having someone else tow it away gives both yourself and other drivers much-needed peace of mind. Services are limited based on policy levels but may include bringing another truck out to pull yours back home or simply moving your disabled truck off the highway where it poses less risk.

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