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We Know that Getting started in the Trucking Industry can be Very stressful.

Whether you are at the beginning phase of getting your trucking business started or you have already started the process, you will soon realize that the work involved, the protocol and requirements can be very COMPLICATED, HIGHLY CONFUSING AND EXTREMELY STRESSFULL!!

This is where we come in.

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The Problem

Transportation – Freight Trucking Industry an $800 Billion annual Industry. It is the backbone of the U.S. Economy, yet there are so many people who are failing and going out of business daily. With the way things are currently, the trucking industry faces an existential threat so to say due to a growing list of regulations, rising operational cost, low freight rates and most especially a nationwide scarcity of good Qualified Drivers. These numerous rules and regulations plus the increasing cost of operation contribute to the main factors that make new entrants FAIL after a short period of time.

The Solution

Our Main Goal is (1) to ASSIST NEW ENTERPRENUERS WITH THE PROCESS OF GETTING STARTED IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY and (2) to Provide our Clients with all the RESOURCES they need as well as Provide them with a proper Education of all what is involved in the process needed to Start, Stay Compliant, Be Profitable and Grow their business.

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How We Do It

We offer a DONE FOR YOU Business Package Solution for Truckers. We simply handle all the stress, all the paperwork and filings so you can relax and attend to other things in your life. But that is not where we stop. We also provide guidance and support with our Consultations enabling you to become more profitable in your business as well as stay compliant with all the applicable regulations.

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