Best Trucking Fuel Cards for Big Savings

Trucking Fuel Cards

Are you looking to save money on your trucking fuel costs? The best trucking fuel cards can help you do just that. By taking advantage of these great programs, you’ll be able to find the lowest gas prices in your area, plus earn valuable rewards and special deals along the way. Let’s take a look at which card might be best for you!

Best Gas Credit Card

If you’re tired of having to stop at multiple stations in a row just to get a competitive price, then it’s time to get the best gas credit card that gives you guaranteed savings at every fill-up. It won’t matter where you fill up because they’ll give you discounts on all forms of fuel with their best trucking fuel cards. There are plenty of benefits associated with owning one, but most consumers simply enjoy saving money on each purchase.

Best Diesel Credit Card

There are many different best trucking fuel cards out there. We’ll use US News as a reference and explain our reasoning: The Best Diesel Credit Card is from Synchrony Bank. It offers 2% cashback on fuel purchases, 2% on restaurant, grocery, and drugstore purchases, and 1% on everything else. You also get 10 cents off per gallon at Shell stations when you redeem your rewards, which can be done online or by phone. If you have more than $25 in rewards in your account at any time, you can redeem them for a statement credit toward your bill. You don’t have to wait until your next statement to receive it; it will be applied immediately.

Best CNG Credit Card

One of several CNG programs offered by MasterCard is their Commercial Natural Gas Rebate Program. If you’re looking to add a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at your location, MasterCard can provide both financial and non-financial assistance. Depending on your business type, you may qualify for either a credit card or debit card; either way, they’ll reimburse up to $10,000 in qualified costs. However, if you’re planning on building multiple stations and if you’re willing to make improvements that will benefit other CNG users (e.g., install fuel pumps with higher pressure), then there are larger reimbursements available.

Best Propane Credit Card

Propane costs a pretty penny in some areas of the country, especially in rural or remote regions. Because propane prices don’t fluctuate as often as other types of fuel, it’s a good idea to look into ways to save on propane. One option is to find a great propane credit card that offers flexible repayment terms and rewards points toward free tank fill-ups. The most popular cards are Propel Fuels Credit Card from Shell and XTRACard Propane Visa. Here’s how they stack up against each other Over time, these differences can add up to big savings. For example, if you buy $10,000 worth of propane per year and spend an average of $500 annually on purchases with your XTRACard Propane Visa, you could earn enough points for three full tanks of gas! With these kinds of perks, it makes sense to consider a propane credit card—especially if you use your truck for business purposes. These cards can also be used at places like grocery stores where not all truck stops have gas stations attached. To get started, apply online today!

Conclusion & Recap

A Recap of Trucker’s Favorite Fuel Discounts and Cards This guide has given you a comprehensive run-down of truckers’ favorite fuel cards, discounts, ways to save money on gasoline for big rigs, and how to get free truck parking. Remember: it’s always important to do your research before filling up! The best way to do your research is through online reviews (so many of which have been listed in today’s post), as well as by speaking with an actual store representative. When all else fails, just use one card in multiple places until you can decide on which option fits your budget best! Don’t forget to share this post with any friends or family who drive semi-trucks or own their own business—they might be able to take advantage of some of these great resources, too! And finally, don’t forget that you could even make money driving trucks yourself. Good luck out there!

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